V-Mail 3

March 14, 1945

Dear Mom,

Guess I’m the one that’s been slipping up on writing but I haven’t any good excuse so here’s few lines anyway. Mail has been a little slow lately. Tonight I got a V-Mail from Alf, which he wrote on board a ship. I sure hope he didn’t tell these rats how to spell his name. Well, [a] clear has come now so I suppose we can expect another three months of bad weather. It was clear last night and clear today, except for a haze which finally roze (sic) by afternoon. It was warm all day and we finally got our blankets aired out. It’s clear tonight to (sic) (1:30) Everybody’s still [O.A.] and [xxx] are to (sic) so I guess I’ll close, I have to because the bottom says so. Goodnight, goodluck with love and regards to all,



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