V-Mail 2

March 4, 1945

Dear Marge,

Nothing much has developed around here since last night except a lot of mud puddles but I’ll write anyway. Somebody said all there was was papers in the mail tonight so there was no use waiting for that. (4:30am) There wasn’t any mail last night expect Stars and Stripes so this will be a little stale from here. Before I forget, how’s the music lessons coming along? Does Charles and Danny still take them? It hasn’t been mentioned lately so I was afraid they quit. The rain has stopped but it is still cloudy and getting cold. The change was so quick I suppose a lot of guys will catch colds but that remains to be seen. I’m on guard tomorrow—guarding a “krauts” house so nobody will take anything. Did you ever hear anything like that [in your] life. We’re killing them and protecting their property. I’ll have to close now be good and take care of yourself, Love to all,