Luftwaffe Fug 10 Radio Station

The FUG 10 station was used in German planes during World War 2.The one i got is a Fug 10 receiver for shortwave and longwave .Both are  very good condition and fully working!!

Fug 10 Longwave receiver!

Both Fug 10 receivers together.

The Fug 10 station needed 2 kind of “Umformer” to get the right voltage for the 2 receivers and 2 senders (Umformer U10/S and E).The one i got is the U10/E for Empfänger,wich is cleaned,restored and fully working!

When equipped with EZ 6 D/F Receiver,the Umformer U11a was needed for the right voltage:

The FuG 10 Antennenhaspel AH10 wich was part of the trailing antenna system of the Junkers airplanes during WW2