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Focke Wulf FW 190

Here we have some parts of a crashed Focke Wulf 190

Ju 88 part of the tail rudder

A nice and huge piece of the tail rudder of a crashed Junkers Ju 88

German helmet from Kurland Kessel

Nice battledamaged German helmet from Kurland Kessel with some wintercammo left

DAF relic buckle

A nice relic DeutscheArbeitsFront buckle,found far far away from Germany

Tellermine 35

Here we have a relic German Tellermine used by Wehrmacht in good condition with a lot of paint left

Wehrmacht 81mm Mortar Shell

Here we have a nice 81mm mortar shell,used by Wehrmacht during WW2 in perfect condition


tmiz35 fuse for German T35 mine

All parts are moving and it looks like new after polish it..


Stahlhelm from Stalingrad

This Wehrmacht helmet was found in Stalingrad. It still has a lot of paint left. The right decal is in good condition and the left decal is gone. It has a few bullet holes and a huge crack signify combat. Remarkably, it still has the rest of its owner’s name on the back!