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Luftwaffe Umformer FL.50888

This Umformer was used in German planes during WW2,to deactivate activated bombs that werent dropped


Osram Luftschutzlampe

Here we have a Luftschutz-bulb in working condtion with most of its original blue colour


Vaccuum Tubes

Some photos of different tubes

Luftwaffe Kurszeiger LKz3 — FL22562 —

Luftwaffe Kurszeiger LKz3 — FL22562 —

Luftwaffe Blindscharfeinstellung Heinkel 111/117

Luftwaffe Blindscharfeinstellung,used in Heinkel 111 planes during World War 2.This item was part of the weapon system that drops the PVC 1006 A Bomb/Air-Torpedo.

Luftwaffe Abfeuerschuetz AS 3

Here we have a nice working German Abfeuerschuetz,build in 1943.


Me262 Schrittwerk Schaltkasten

Luftwaffe Schrittwerk Schaltkasten used in Messerschmitt ME262,build ca 1944. Fl.Number is 50966.This is the relais that switch from one bomb rack to the other if bombs where to be trown individually and not together.

V2 A4 Rocket Parts

These parts of a crashed V2 rocket were found at an old Wehrmacht base in Germany!This piece was part of theĀ  injection chamber . Chamber still has several injection valves attached

U.S Army Signal Corps Frequency Meter BC 221-J

The Frequency Meter BC 221-J is a instrument designed to measure or radiate radio frequency impulses between 125 and 20,000 kHz.As for now,i havent found any date on it.It comes with a 220volt psu and is in working condition.