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Note to the people of Berlin 09.05.1945

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Volkssturm Note March 1945

A Volkssturm note from march 1945:

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Begleitschein fuer Verwundete issued 1941

A small piece for paper for wounded soldiers  during WW2,this one was issued in 1941

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Diary of Wilhelm Merk,Deutsche Jugend Jungzugführer and later SS-Sturmmann

Diary of Wilhelm Merk,wich was first at the “Deutsches Jungvolk”,later promoted to Jungzugführer.In 1942 he joined the Waffen SS.He dies January 1945 in the west

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Waffen-SS Cantinecard

Here we have a Buchenwald -KZ Kantinenkarte,used by Waffen-SS

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Ticket for Waffen-SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hilter Concert 1937

Original ticket for a Waffen SS concert in Bad Hamm 1937

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Diary of Major Wilhelm Grünwaldt

Here we have the original diary of Major Grünwald,decorated with the iron cross,the knight cross and more..Entrys are from february 1945.Just a few handwritten pages,some missing parts but a interesting piece of history.

Wilhelm Grünwaldt was commander of Panzergrenadierregiement 126,Divisionskommando 23.panzerdivision,Feldpostnummern was 37641.

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Volkssturm Note

A nice Volkssturm note,dated march 1945

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Luftwaffe Soldbuch

Here we have a used Luftwaffe Soldbuch.This book was used in a POW camp in Italy too.

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Certificate of Discharge August 1946

An original certificate of discharge from august 1946

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