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Battle of Kowel 1944

A real piece of history,dropped by the Red Army during the battle/encirclement of German troops in Kowel.Red army propaganda saying there is no way out,to end it as fast as possible to stop fighting and the loss of soldiers….
Its a brought back home item a former German soldier found during the battle of Kowel.

Festung Breslau

2 ID´s,both from Festung Breslau,issued to Oberleutnant Horst Benecke,who belongs to Battallion Seybold (issued 19.03.1945),the other says he belongs to Regiments Gruppe Seybold,Regiment Mohr and he was the leader of Battalion Seybold (issued 22.04.1945).
Both documents are signed my Major Seybold.
someone glued them on a piece of paper to save them to stay complete…

World War 1 diary

According to the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1,here we have a diary of a German Leutnant,written from 1916 till 1918



Stalingrad Christmas 1942

A christmas poem,written december 6,1942 in Stalingrad.
The write seems to be Gefreiter Georg Beck,13.Kompanie,545 Infanterieregiment (Fieldpost 42299 wich was completly destroyed in january 1943 in Stalingrad!He is still missing since 01/43 and listed in the Red Cross books as Unteroffizier.He wrote to his beloved ones at home,to his wife and children.

Here is what he wrote:
Christmas time, O feast of joy
My heart is lifted with such happy memories,
When the pealing of the bells in celebration
Heralds its coming everywhere.
How glorious it always was
In our dear home with you, our loved ones,
How different it is this year,
The enemy intrudes on our peace.
And yet the noble splendour of the flickering candles
Shall light up this celebration for you
While our comrades and I
Keep watch over our loyal homeland.
And so we shall do our duty
Steered by the Führer’s mighty hand
And we promise solemnly and will not rest
Until we have fought for the Fatherland’s victory.
Then Christmas will seem to us to rise up like new
More beautiful than in former times
When we meet again in victory
In the glory of lasting peace.

Surrender of Heeresgruppe G

Documents of surrender of the Heeresgruppe G.This lot has many infos about the end of the Heeresgruppe and how it all should go after the surrender.It has a list of Germans soldiers and officers,a signed document of the Oberbefehlshaber of Heeresgruppe G,General Westphal and some permission documents!

Millitary Documents of Hauptmann (Captain) Gustav Stoffers,last known unit “General der Artillerie Z.B.V 1,wich belongs to Heeresgruppe G./7.Army (if my informations are right),during his time as a prisoner of war.
This lot has his circulation pass,personal data sheet,personnel questionnaire,medic report,certificate of discharge and some permission id”s


Verwundeten Note to Karl Tausel,Oberjäger —
Fieldpostnumber 58843
Date 27.07.1943

Leutnant Hans Kloes

Leutnant Hans Kloes
Last known unit: Sturmgeschützabteilung in Kurland
Beeing captured : 08.05.1945
Last message: 20.11.1945
Name of his P.O.W camp: Borowitschi Lager 7270/3
Date of death: 10.05.1946
Reason of Death: Lung infection

The documents below contains several letters from his mother,searching him,
finding out where and if he died.
Another documents are from homecoming german soldiers,wich had been asked by a notary
about how he dies and where.
Other contents are from the Red Cross and the “Deutsche Dienstelle”

Reichsarbeitsdienst Entlassungsschein

R.A.D discharge document from 26.03.1945