Bridge at Remagen


This bridge was one of two remaining bridges across the Rhine in March 1945.The Wehrmacht had the order to destroy it, which failed. During the battle of the bridge, it was captured by US troops on march 7, 1945. It allowed them to deploy over 25.000 troops, six Army divisions, with many tanks, artillery pieces and trucks before it collapsed on march 17, 1945. The bridge, so vital to the Allies success, was never rebuilt!

75th anniversary of the Rhine crossings in Remagen.

On May 23, 1945, Lt. James R. Rector – “F” Company, 47th Inf. – wrote a letter home.

…. The cencorship regulations have been changed somewhat, so if
you want to ask any questions about what I`ve been doing over here,
I`ll be glad to answer them. The highlights of my military career started when I was the leading man breaking out of the Remagen bridgehead. Thats the night
I captured some Gerrys and got nicked in the hand. It scares me when
I think of it now, because we were practically surrounded and
I didnt know a fucking thing about fighting………

The Bridge at Remagen after the war.


Celebrating 3 years of 9th Armored Division

View from the rails towards the Remagen Bridge

Photo was made 1940 showing the bridge how it once was

Guards of the Remagen Bridge (around 1940 – 44).On the back the famous bridge

 Pre war shots of Remagen with the bridge on the back

A German Luftwaffe soldier on the Rhine at Remagen,behind him is the Bridge at Remagen.

A American soldier on the Remagen brige after it collapsed


That is the house we lived in.

That is our first bridge across the Rhine.

To the right is the Ludendorf Bridge after it collapsed.

On the background you can see black hill.

M8 Greyhound crossing the Rhine next to the Remagen bridge

Remagen, March 1945

Picture belongs to an American soldier from the 3258th Ordnance Base Depot Company.
Remagen, May 1945

The Remagen bridge shortly after the war

Press photo ofthe captured Remagen bridge

YANK magazine from april 1945

Historical Rhine crossing

Writings on the back: Remagen Bridge— This photo was given to me by Max Bickens.Soldier is a buddy of Max

The right tower of the Bridge at Remagen.
Guarded by an American soldier.
Photo seems to be made before the collapse of the bridge.

The Remagen bridge after it was captured,but before it was collapsed.

View over the collapsed bridge

The collapsed Remagen bridge

View over the Rhine in Remagen,with both,the pontoon bridge and the collapsed Remagen bridge

The collapsed bridge along with a(unsharp) memorial note

deathcards from March 7, 11 and 16.03.1945

Heinz Hegemann,killed in action 8th march 1945 in Unkel,around 3 km away from the Remagen bridge

The bridge after beein captured.Photo made before it collaps.

Newspaper photo:

A Dutch note with some infos about the Remagen Bridge

War cemetery in or around Remagen,date unknown

Captured Germans in front of the Ludendorff-Bridge march 1945.Original press photo

Original Newspaper March 1945:

Remagen Bridge Aerial View,dated 16.02.1945

View over the collapsed Remagen Bridge, May 1945

This one is a handwritten letter of Corporal Albert Barrick,who served in the 116th Anti Aircraft Gun Battalion (Mobile).In March 1945, the month that these letters were written, this soldier’s battalion participated in the defence of the captured Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen.Most interesting content of this letter is marked in red:—-Everything seems to be going okay around here. It looks like most of the Krauts are on the other side of the river now. Too bad they couldn’t have caught more than they did.—-

Next content are 2 photos showing the collapsed bridge.There is no date on them,just a short text,guess made from one of the U.S soldiers.

Original whirephoto from the U.S Army shing the captured bridge before the collapse.This photo was used for several newspapers.

Another original press photo,first dated april 1945 on the back.Photos shows U.S anti aircraft gun in front of the collapsed bridge

Original pressphoto of the collapsed bridge at Remagen.

Remagen bridge after the span collapsed on march 17 at 3:15pm

Remagen Bridge 1945

– Fell in just Hours after we passed over it –

Photo of an old newspaper showing the bridge in the 1920`s


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