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Wehrmacht Umformer (unknown)

A small Umformer,must be used by the Wehrmacht during the war.Not sure wich one it is right now,but its cleaned and working

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Wehrmacht Umformer U20 aS

Wehrmacht umformer U20 aS

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Luftwaffe Generator/Motor Fl. 47410

Tiny generator,used by the German Luftwaffe during World War 2.

Fl number is 47410


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Kaiser Wilhelm 2. at the Westfront

German Kaiser at the westfront. They look at an english mine thrower.

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Hitler and Mussolini in Essen,Germany at the Krupp Factory 1937

Hitler and Mussolini in their car driving through Essen,Germany after visiting the Krupp factory in 1937

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Göbbels in Paris 1940

Private shot of Joseph Göbbels in Paris 1940

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