Stalingrad Christmas 1942

A christmas poem,written december 6,1942 in Stalingrad.
The write seems to be Gefreiter Georg Beck,13.Kompanie,545 Infanterieregiment (Fieldpost 42299 wich was completly destroyed in january 1943 in Stalingrad!He is still missing since 01/43 and listed in the Red Cross books as Unteroffizier.He wrote to his beloved ones at home,to his wife and children.
Here is what he wrote:
Christmas time, O feast of joy
My heart is lifted with such happy memories,
When the pealing of the bells in celebration
Heralds its coming everywhere.
How glorious it always was
In our dear home with you, our loved ones,
How different it is this year,
The enemy intrudes on our peace.
And yet the noble splendour of the flickering candles
Shall light up this celebration for you
While our comrades and I
Keep watch over our loyal homeland.
And so we shall do our duty
Steered by the Führer’s mighty hand
And we promise solemnly and will not rest
Until we have fought for the Fatherland’s victory.
Then Christmas will seem to us to rise up like new
More beautiful than in former times
When we meet again in victory
In the glory of lasting peace.