This page shows photos and documents from Gelsenkirchen till 1945

Gelsenkirchener Allgemeine Zeitung

POW letter send from the Usa to Gelsenkirchen Bismarck 1944

Note,send with the info that everything is fine so far in Gelsenkirchen Erle 1944

Group of soldiers visit a coal mine in Gelsenkirchen

SS-Police Soldbuch of Rudolf Niemeyer

Entrance card for the airraid shelter in Gelsenkirchen He├čler

An early ticket,dated around 1920:

Old postcards from Gelsenkirchen how it once was:

“Notgeld” of Gelsenkirchen

Gelsenkirchen Red Cross March

Josef Promess,killed 1945 in Gelsenkirchen Buer

Luftwaffe soldiers in Gelsenkirchen in front of Schloss Berge

Funeral of Unteroffizier Piniack in Gelsenkirchen March 1938

U.S.Army photos of the bombed oilplant in Gelsenkirchen Scholven 1945

A sad fieldpost letter,wich went back to sender in Gelsenkirchen 1945

Luftwaffe soldiers on a field in Gelsenkirchen Resse

Gelsenkirchen Hauptbahnhof 1937

Letter envolpe,send from the prisoner camp in Gelsenkirchen Schalke

Reichsarbeitsdienst in Gelsenkirchen 1937.Just the entrance buildings exist today

The bombed oilplant in Gelenkirchen Scholven

A group of policemen in Gelsenkirchen 1939

A member of the navy Hitler Youth,Gelsenkirchen Buer

Airview of a pow camp in Gelsenkirchen Buer 1944