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Edward Sadowski – Map and photos

Drawn map and photos belong to Edward Sadowski – Serial #31025603. He was with the 1st Infantry Division

  1. His drawn map he made during the time of the Battle of the Bulge
  2. 2. After the War in Ansbach (The person on the photo is Edward)
  3. Description on back : This once held allied Prisoners.Now it holds Germans.
  4. Siegfried Line
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Photo of Alfred Cullmann (SS Division Wiking)

Photo of Unterscharf├╝hrer Alfred Cullmann with his (girl)friend in 1943.Cullmann was kiled 15.10.1944 in Wieliszew and is still missing

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P.O.W Camp Ludwigsburg

A handfull photos made in the Prisoner of War camp in Ludwigsburg

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Berlin 1945/46

Here we have 3 original Photos made by U.S rmy soldiers in Berlin 1945/46

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Christmas 1942 in Minsk

A photocard showing red cross nurses,wehrmachtssoldiers and railroad members in Minsk on christmas eve 1942

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Gelsenkirchen POW Camp 1944

Photo shows an airmap of Gelsenkirchen Buer with a marked point of a former POW camp

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Hitler Jugend Gelsenkirchen Buer

Photo shows a young boy with “westfahlen-Nord” sign and a Gelsenkirchen Buer navy cap,along with a HJ armbinde.

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Gelsenkirchen Police 1939

Photo of a group of Policemen,October 1939

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