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U-431 Fieldpost from Wilhem Weyrich

3 fieldpost letters from Wilhelm weyrich,member of U-431 wich later was destroyed and sunk with no survivors (21.10.1943).The september letter  got the last words he ever wrote to his sister.

Wehrmacht Soldier Diary 1942/43 France/Russia

A soldier’s diary called, “Merkbuch 1942”, contains a lot of personal notes from a soldier named Ernst, a Wehrmacht corporal, stationed in France and Russia during 1942/43. His notes mostly contain entries about sending and receiving packages and letters, but on same pages he is telling something about being attacked by Russians, the date he got wounded and much more….Scans are marked from 1 till 7 with english translation:

1.On the night of 17 to 18.3, we are heavily bombarded by the Russians, which lasted 3 hours from 2 to 5 am. Then the attack comes … 20/04/42 a full Division 106. After France)
On 26/04/42 at 13 I.G. Company I.R. (Infantry Regiment) 347.
A development starts on 4.5. (and it) lasts until 31.05.42.
At 9.5 it was called off. On the night of 17 to 18.3, we are heavily bombarded by the Russians, which lasted 3 hours from 2 to 5 am.
Then the attack comes … 20/04/42 is loaded Division 106.
Afterwards the 26/04/42 at 13 I.G. Company I.R. (Infantry Regiment) 347, makes a course with ….. development starts on 4.5, lasts until 31.05.42 . At 9.5, it was called off.
Division is somewhere else.
New requests….. On 30.5, I get the first post.
5 packets of France 3 on 25756th The 31 again 9 parcels 25756 …. At 02:07 . and 03:07.
Aviators and tank attack 9am. (5Km before ???) According Wehrmachtsbereicht 30,000 prisoners.
Base K. Another new (attack?)…. 7/16/42 Russians from 3-sides. Position … A patrol of the Russians are attacking.
On 17/07/42 we have a wounded
On 20.8. Russians at harvest were shot by partisans.


2.Since the 16/07/42 we are involved in the encirclement of Smolensk -….
On 09/22/42 Strong Enemy forces are approaching from the east 4 B. R. going on at 18:10. Russian attack 3-hours. Fire …. Obtaining new command post (at) cemetery.IMG_0002

3.Bombardment by the Russians


4.Attack goes from 2am till 5 am.Standing post at the Machine Gun Nest


  • 5.Russians invaded two villages
  • 6.Russians flee from fight


  • 7.The encirclement begins, our troops attack from the south


V-Mail 3

March 14, 1945

Dear Mom,

Guess I’m the one that’s been slipping up on writing but I haven’t any good excuse so here’s few lines anyway. Mail has been a little slow lately. Tonight I got a V-Mail from Alf, which he wrote on board a ship. I sure hope he didn’t tell these rats how to spell his name. Well, [a] clear has come now so I suppose we can expect another three months of bad weather. It was clear last night and clear today, except for a haze which finally roze (sic) by afternoon. It was warm all day and we finally got our blankets aired out. It’s clear tonight to (sic) (1:30) Everybody’s still [O.A.] and [xxx] are to (sic) so I guess I’ll close, I have to because the bottom says so. Goodnight, goodluck with love and regards to all,



V-Mail 2

March 4, 1945

Dear Marge,

Nothing much has developed around here since last night except a lot of mud puddles but I’ll write anyway. Somebody said all there was was papers in the mail tonight so there was no use waiting for that. (4:30am) There wasn’t any mail last night expect Stars and Stripes so this will be a little stale from here. Before I forget, how’s the music lessons coming along? Does Charles and Danny still take them? It hasn’t been mentioned lately so I was afraid they quit. The rain has stopped but it is still cloudy and getting cold. The change was so quick I suppose a lot of guys will catch colds but that remains to be seen. I’m on guard tomorrow—guarding a “krauts” house so nobody will take anything. Did you ever hear anything like that [in your] life. We’re killing them and protecting their property. I’ll have to close now be good and take care of yourself, Love to all,




March 9, 1945 —-Germany

Dear Fran,

I started to write to mother this afternoon but we didn’t get any mail tonight so I can’t finish without something to write about. I believe you wrote some time ago, Feb 23, so I’ll put an “X” on that now instead. I just finished writing to the the letter will be about [the] same, mostly the weather. It’s still raining here but it did clear up this afternoon for about three hours. Plenty of mud but get along, we have to. Pretty quiet at the present and if we don’t hurry up our shooting days will be over. I just heard the news and it sounds pretty good but there’s plenty of blackout yet. Everything still O.K. in the house? Everybody still well? Here’s the bottom so solong tell [father?] with love to all.


The fieldpost-letter that never arrived

This letter was sent to a german soldier and never arrived.Its a very sad letter from a women who missed this soldier so much.He died on the battlefield,never got the letter,so it went back to the sender

Letter to P.O.W in Russia

This letter was sent from a women to her husband or brother…

Letter from a prisoner of KZ Dachau

This letter was sent by a prisoner of KZ Dachau!As far as i know he survived and died in the 1970s


Some interesting looking cards…