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Stromberg-Carlson Dynamotor 1945

Dynamtor,used by the U.S Navy in 1945

Wehrmacht Umformer (unknown)

A small Umformer,must be used by the Wehrmacht during the war.Not sure wich one it is right now,but its cleaned and working

Wehrmacht Umformer U20 aS

Wehrmacht umformer U20 aS

Luftwaffe Generator/Motor Fl. 47410

Tiny generator,used by the German Luftwaffe during World War 2.

Fl number is 47410


Luftwaffe Umformer Ln 27381

Heavy Umfomer,used by the German Luftwaffe during WW2.Guess this one was used to power up the sender in planes.It was delivered as a totally dirty and damaged piece.After cleaining and fixing some parts it working again.


Luftwaffe Umformer U 8

There are no infos about this one.Its cleaned and repaired and in working condition

Umformer (unknown)

The only info i received is that this one was used in Messerschmitt planes during WW2..Its in working condition,but not cleaned and completely fixed yet

Umformer E.U. a4 for Radiostations in Wehrmacht Vehicles

Missing the right name of it,but this one was used in vehicles of the Wehrmacht during WW2.Its restored,cleaned and in working condition!

Umformer U15a

Not quit sure if its the U15a one as there are no infos on it.Its cleaned and in working condition

Umformer U100

This heavy one was used for 100 Watt senders,used by the Wehrmacht (Funkkraftwagen Kfz.17 & Kfz.61).Its just the motor,the rest is missing,but this one is still working and gives 1000volt out..