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Note to the people of Berlin 09.05.1945

Volkssturm Note March 1945

A Volkssturm note from march 1945:

Begleitschein fuer Verwundete issued 1941

A small piece for paper for wounded soldiers  during WW2,this one was issued in 1941

Diary of Wilhelm Merk,Deutsche Jugend Jungzugführer and later SS-Sturmmann

Diary of Wilhelm Merk,wich was first at the “Deutsches Jungvolk”,later promoted to Jungzugführer.In 1942 he joined the Waffen SS.He dies January 1945 in the west

Waffen-SS Cantinecard

Here we have a Buchenwald -KZ Kantinenkarte,used by Waffen-SS

Ticket for Waffen-SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hilter Concert 1937

Original ticket for a Waffen SS concert in Bad Hamm 1937

Diary of Major Wilhelm Grünwaldt

Here we have the original diary of Major Grünwald,decorated with the iron cross,the knight cross and more..Entrys are from february 1945.Just a few handwritten pages,some missing parts but a interesting piece of history.

Wilhelm Grünwaldt was commander of Panzergrenadierregiement 126,Divisionskommando 23.panzerdivision,Feldpostnummern was 37641.

Volkssturm Note

A nice Volkssturm note,dated march 1945

Luftwaffe Soldbuch

Here we have a used Luftwaffe Soldbuch.This book was used in a POW camp in Italy too.

Certificate of Discharge August 1946

An original certificate of discharge from august 1946