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The story about Sergeant Harold Bradley

Born in 1924 in Oklahoma, Harold Bradley would live through the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl and become part of America┬┤s Greatest Generation.


As a young man Mr. Bradley would join the fight in WW 2 as part of the 740th Tank Battailon.He would travel to Britain, then arrive on the Normandy shore only days after D- Day. From there his unit would travel across France and fight in the Battle of the Bulge and break through the Siegfried Line.


He would become Sergeant Bradley as a Tank commander with the 740th Daredevils and be awarded a Silver Star and a Purple Heart for his action.


The book with his story can be ordered now,click on the link:

Reichsgesetzbuch 1939

Original Reichsgesetzbuch 1939



Wehrmacht Merkbuch 1945

A Wehrmacht Merkbuch from 1945,used by a women in service of the Wehrmacht!Got some interesting nores on the left pages about SS hosptials and transport of wounded soldiers…


Book “Das hilf mit Buch”

This book contains several drawings,storys and lyrics of old German songs often used in WW2

Book “Die Wehrmacht”

This book,called Die Wehrmacht from 1940,contains a lot of information about the German army and their fights on the battlefield during WW2

Book “Die Wehrmacht 1939”

Its a thin issue of Die Wehrmacht,given out in 1939 after the World War 2 starts.Content are several photos of the battle in Poland

Book Deutsche Gedenkhalle,Third Reich Edition

Its a huge and heavy book with lots of artworks,photos and content about the good old Germany