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U-431 Fieldpost from Wilhem Weyrich

3 fieldpost letters from Wilhelm weyrich,member of U-431 wich later was destroyed and sunk with no survivors (21.10.1943).The september letter  got the last words he ever wrote to his sister.

Russian Soldiers during a rest WW1

Russian soldiers in World War 1 during a rest

German Navy Soldiers 1910

Photopostcard,dated 1910

Baldur von Schirach

Baldur Benedikt von Schirach (9 May 1907 – 8 August 1974) was a Nazi German politician who is best known for his role as the German Nazi Party’s national youth leader and head of the Hitler Youth from 1931 to 1940. He later served as Gauleiter and Reichsstatthalter (“Reich Governor”) of Vienna.

Reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler 1941

Photo shows Heinrich Himmler visiting a field airfield in august 1941

Note to the people of Berlin 09.05.1945

Stromberg-Carlson Dynamotor 1945

Dynamtor,used by the U.S Navy in 1945

Volkssturm Note March 1945

A Volkssturm note from march 1945:

Begleitschein fuer Verwundete issued 1941

A small piece for paper for wounded soldiers  during WW2,this one was issued in 1941

Diary of Wilhelm Merk,Deutsche Jugend Jungzugführer and later SS-Sturmmann

Diary of Wilhelm Merk,wich was first at the “Deutsches Jungvolk”,later promoted to Jungzugführer.In 1942 he joined the Waffen SS.He dies January 1945 in the west