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Note to the people of Berlin 09.05.1945

Stromberg-Carlson Dynamotor 1945

Dynamtor,used by the U.S Navy in 1945

Volkssturm Note March 1945

A Volkssturm note from march 1945:

Begleitschein fuer Verwundete issued 1941

A small piece for paper for wounded soldiers  during WW2,this one was issued in 1941

Diary of Wilhelm Merk,Deutsche Jugend Jungzugführer and later SS-Sturmmann

Diary of Wilhelm Merk,wich was first at the “Deutsches Jungvolk”,later promoted to Jungzugführer.In 1942 he joined the Waffen SS.He dies January 1945 in the west

Absetzbewegung February 1945

Page of this Album is titled as “Ruhepause während der Absetzbewegung 1945”

Wehrmacht Umformer (unknown)

A small Umformer,must be used by the Wehrmacht during the war.Not sure wich one it is right now,but its cleaned and working

Wehrmacht Umformer U20 aS

Wehrmacht umformer U20 aS

Luftwaffe Generator/Motor Fl. 47410

Tiny generator,used by the German Luftwaffe during World War 2.

Fl number is 47410


Kaiser Wilhelm 2. at the Westfront

German Kaiser at the westfront. They look at an english mine thrower.