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Battle of Kowel 1944

A real piece of history,dropped by the Red Army during the battle/encirclement of German troops in Kowel.Red army propaganda saying there is no way out,to end it as fast as possible to stop fighting and the loss of soldiers….
Its a brought back home item a former German soldier found during the battle of Kowel.

Festung Breslau

2 ID´s,both from Festung Breslau,issued to Oberleutnant Horst Benecke,who belongs to Battallion Seybold (issued 19.03.1945),the other says he belongs to Regiments Gruppe Seybold,Regiment Mohr and he was the leader of Battalion Seybold (issued 22.04.1945).
Both documents are signed my Major Seybold.
someone glued them on a piece of paper to save them to stay complete…