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Wehrmacht Umformer (unknown)

A small Umformer,must be used by the Wehrmacht during the war.Not sure wich one it is right now,but its cleaned and working

Wehrmacht Umformer U20 aS

Wehrmacht umformer U20 aS

Luftwaffe Generator/Motor Fl. 47410

Tiny generator,used by the German Luftwaffe during World War 2.

Fl number is 47410


Kaiser Wilhelm 2. at the Westfront

German Kaiser at the westfront. They look at an english mine thrower.

Hitler and Mussolini in Essen,Germany at the Krupp Factory 1937

Hitler and Mussolini in their car driving through Essen,Germany after visiting the Krupp factory in 1937

Göbbels in Paris 1940

Private shot of Joseph Göbbels in Paris 1940