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Luftwaffe Umformer Ln 27381

Heavy Umfomer,used by the German Luftwaffe during WW2.Guess this one was used to power up the sender in planes.It was delivered as a totally dirty and damaged piece.After cleaining and fixing some parts it working again.


Luftwaffe Blindscharfeinstellung Heinkel 111/117

Luftwaffe Blindscharfeinstellung,used in Heinkel 111 planes during World War 2.This item was part of the weapon system that drops the PVC 1006 A Bomb/Air-Torpedo.

Eastern Front 1941/42

Private shots,made by a soldier during his time in Russia,dated from summer 1941 till spring 1942.Mentioned city names on the back are Kalinin,Leningrad,Nikolajewka,Tauroggen,Jogeva,Reval….