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Waffen-SS crematory Förrenbach September 1945

Here we have some original shots,made by an Us army soldier in September 1945.These photos shows the remains of the crematory used by the Waffen-SS



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Luftwaffe Abfeuerschuetz AS 3

Here we have a nice working German Abfeuerschuetz,build in 1943.


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Me262 Schrittwerk Schaltkasten

Luftwaffe Schrittwerk Schaltkasten used in Messerschmitt ME262,build ca 1944. Fl.Number is 50966.This is the relais that switch from one bomb rack to the other if bombs where to be trown individually and not together.

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Reichsgesetzbuch 1939

Original Reichsgesetzbuch 1939



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4 photos made after the battle of Dunkirk

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