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Stahlhelm from Stalingrad

This Wehrmacht helmet was found in Stalingrad. It still has a lot of paint left. The right decal is in good condition and the left decal is gone. It has a few bullet holes and a huge crack signify combat. Remarkably, it still has the rest of its owner’s name on the back!

Oberkommando der Wehrmacht report september 1943

Original note for the German troops:

Hermann Göring

Two original pics of Hermann Göring,date and location unknown


Voelkischer Beobachter Berlin March 5,1945

A late edition of Völkischer Beobachter,Berlin Issue from March 1945

Gauparteitag Gelsenkirchen 1936

Photos are namend as Gauparteitag/Gautreffen Gelsenkirchen 1936 on the back.It was possible to find the original location,wich doesnt got much eft after 80 years.